Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Along with all the gardening and animal husbandry (wifery?) that goes on around here, I have managed to make time to produce some new collages. I made my first attempt at an equine themed painted paper collage with the intention of submitting it to the jurying process for an equine art exhibition in the U.S. coming up this fall. It took a lot longer to make the collage than I thought it would, but I was still able to squeak in under the wire and get my entry in on time. Now I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Here is the work in question. I call it "Up and Over".
Up and Over- 20X16, painted paper collage on panel, © 2010 Alyson Champ

This is a detail shot of the horse's head. Yes, those are little pieces of painted paper. You can see why it took so long, can't you?

Up and Over detail

And while we are on the topic of equine art, I found this print in a flea market near where I live. I was admiring it and, much to my surprise, my husband up and bought it for me. It is likely that the frame is worth more than the print itself, but still I thought it was beautiful. It's probably a copy of a Mughal or Persian miniature.


  1. Alyson, that is gorgeous. How long did it take you to finish it? You are seriously taking collage to a whole new level! Stunning!

  2. Thanks, Kelly, glad you like it. This one was one of the hardest to make and it had a deadline on it- it had to be done by May 31st. From start to finish, it probably took about a month off and on, but the steady, daily work took about 2 weeks.

  3. That is a famous Mughal painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art :

    1. Thank you for the information! At least my guess wasn't far off.