Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dogged by Dogs.

My daughter and I recently outed ourselves as "cat people".  Not that we don't love dogs, but we have come to realize that we share a deeper affinity for cats. Go figure.  Whenever I have been asked which is my favourite animal, until recently my response would have been most assuredly dogs! But now......?

To me this feels a lot like the time I discovered that despite many years of believing myself to a Generation X Slacker, I was actually a member of Generation Y. Indeed, I missed true Slackerdom by one year. ONE YEAR! Stupid demographers.

Anyway. You might be wondering what the point is. If you read this blog often, by now you have probably figured out that there is seldom a point.  If you are looking for real literature or thought provoking ideas, I suggest the library. And I, meanwhile, in spite of my cat loving nature, continue to make art featuring - yes, you guessed it- DOGS!

"Eric at the Beach" 6x8 painted paper collage on panel , © 2012 Alyson Champ

 "Eric" is available from me via my website.

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Arnold Would Like a Cookie
8.5X11 painted paper and fabric collage on panel, © 2011 Alyson Champ

"Arnold" is available at Mackinac's Little Gallery


  1. Hello Alyson... I LOVE your paper collage of the dog in the shade! You should enter it in the ASATDS... I bet we are looking at an Award winner if not, BOS!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I do so wish I had checked my blog comments sooner and had seen your comment for two reason. First, your comment is very kind and I'm so glad you like that collage. Thank you!
    Second, your comment would have jogged my memory about the ASATDS! Unfortunately, I missed the deadline! Oh well, there's always next year.